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Track the financial accuracy  and growth of your buisness and projects with standard accouting and financial reporting. 

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Our Services


We record your transactions in the most efficient and standard manner, which can be used by any accounting software for further accounting and reporting purposes.



We summarize your data and develop a well-established process to enable your organization generate standards, and Cutome generates reports that meet your requirements.



We are ensuring 100% compliance with tax regulations by filing monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns, ensuring accuracy and accountability.



With our audit services you can get your aduit report with full intergrity accuaracy, and cooperation with minimum time.


Accounting Software

Afghan Accountant has access to world class accouting softwares that can meet your industry standards offiline and online.


Data Analysis

We use the power of business intelgence tools to identify your strenghts, weakness and factor which needs to be foucused.

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Committed to Quality

Standard Accouting Softwares

Using only approved accounting softwares

Regulation and Rules

Applying lates rule and regulations

Building SOPs

Updating and building SOPs for workflow.

Industry Specified

Specialized accoiuting templates and softwares

Our Purpose

Ensuring smart accouting services are avaible to every organization at their fingertips

Complete your organization with a  standard accounting system in practice.

A smart accounting system with a digitized setup will ensure accuracy and transparency in your organization, it will provide you with financial and taxation reports as you need.